Monday, July 6, 2015

The Formula For Riches

Why do businesses fail? And what can you do to make sure that this does not happen to you?

Let’s do a quick survey.

What do you really know about business?
• Where did your beliefs about business come from?
• What has your life experience taught you about what business is all about?
• What does owning a business, running a business and operating a business mean to

If you answer only these questions the odds are that you’ll discover you have some false
beliefs about business.
As long as you hold on to those false beliefs, you are going to have a difficult time growing
your business into a successful business and generate the income you desire.
What do most opportunity seekers believe you must do to succeed?
Another interesting outcome of a study that I did was that most entrepreneurs believe all
you need to succeed in business was common sense and determination.

And the price they pay for that one limiting belief is the loss of their business.

It takes UNCOMMON sense to succeed in business and what you have learned in school,
college and university isn’t going to help you at all.

But it doesn't need to be that way, I know that I can help you, if you’re willing to learn the
skills of a Wealth Creator.
You’ll have to operate and act like a Wealth Creator and you’ll need to address the
reasons that caused 90% of all entrepreneurial businesses to fail.
You need to gain the right knowledge and skill sets to turn any business into a successful
business. What can we learn from those two studies?

Fact #1: Entrepreneurs fail, not because they aren’t doing anything, they fail
because they are doing the wrong things.
All struggling entrepreneurs follow the opportunity seeking model instead of the Wealth
Creators model.
The main thing that delivers the difference in results is that successful entrepreneurs are
following a different strategy to their unsuccessful counterparts.
And this is crucial, the difference between success and failure lies in the strategy that
they’re following.

Fact #2: Studies didn’t list a lack of tactics as a cause of failure.
Remember when I showed you the different tactics the gurus are trying to sell in order to
make money on the internet, now you know why they’re not working.
It has nothing to do with your success as a business owner.
The only reason the internet gurus are selling their tactics is to line their own pockets with
your hard earned money.
This is the same reason financial planners sell you investments that they’re not investing in
And it’s the same reason why MBA’s tell you how to run your business but they don’t have
successful businesses of their own. (Or if they have a successful business it’s one where
they sell how they can help you.)
As an entrepreneur your business depends on you and you alone.